1325 CNC Laser Cutting Machine for Wood, Leather, Acrylic

1325 CNC Laser Cutting Machine for Wood, Leather, Acrylic
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Product Details

1 Application:

1325 CNC Laser Cutting Machine for Wood, Leather, Acrylic adopts international advanced DSP control technology and adopts an integrated design frame structure, which is stable and reliable. It can be used in the cutting of non-metallic materials such as cloth, leather, plexiglass, acrylic, plastic, rubber, tile, wood products, bamboo products.

With big power like 150w/260w,after adding oxygen, it can cut thin metal

2 Detailed parameters:



Working area


Laser type

CO2 sealed laser tube, water-cooled

Working table

Blade table or honeycomb table

Control system

Ruida control system

Driving system

Leadshine driving system and stepper motor

Transmission method

Belt transmission

Guide rails

HIWIN linear square guide rail from Taiwan

Supported software


Supported graphic format


Cutting speed


Engraving speed


Working accuracy


Power supply

220V/50HZ , 110V/60HZ

Equipment dimension


Net weight


3 CO2 laser cutting machine features:

1. Seamlessly interface with various graphic processing software such as AutoCAD and CorelDRAW to directly output the original image.

2. Adopt USB data interface, support hot swap, data transmission is completed in an instant.

3. Engraving and cutting does not occupy computer resources, greatly improving work efficiency.

4. The man-machine interface is friendly and the operation is more convenient.

5. 128MB high-capacity memory, fast transfer, and can work offline

6. Oversized workbench and built-in lighting

7. Full-featured, easy-to-learn work platform

8. Modular design, easy maintenance

9. Top air blowing and lower air exhaust system to ensure processing quality

10. Open space, reserved expansion port can easily add auxiliary automation equipment, very expandable

4 CO2 laser cutting machine details

5 Samples