Cheap Price Cutting Metal CNC Router Metal Engraving Machine Factory Made in China

Cheap Price Cutting Metal CNC Router Metal Engraving Machine Factory Made in China
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cheap price cutting metal cnc router metal engraving machine factory made in china

1 cnc router metal engraving machine specification

Platform Size (mm)

400mm* 500mm(cnc moulding machine )

Engraving range (mm)

400mm* 500mm*300mm

Structure options

Iron struture

Platform material

Casting iron

Table fixed type

T-slot table for max fixturing flexibility

X Axis structure

HIWIN HG rANGE guide rail & HIWIN 25 Ball screw

Z axis traveling height(mm)


Working Voltage

220V/380V 50Hz/60Hz

Spindle power (KW)

5.5KW Conestant water cooling spindle

Spindle speed

0-24000 (r/ min)

Max Speed without material

0-10000 mm/ min

Max working speed

0-8000 mm/ min

X,Y,Z Axis Drive motor

Japanese Yaskawa Servo motor


0.00625 Pulse

Diameter of cutting tools (mm)

3.175/ 4.0/ 6.0/ 8.0/ 10/ 12.7mm/16mm



Control system

Taiwan Syntec Control System

Code formats

G code, U00, mmg, nc, ENG

Cooling system

Water cooling

2 Brief Features

15 months Warranty.

1. Simple operation and installation
2  Can engraving much more materials by spiral flute bits, such as artificial jade,copper,aluminum,iron and other soft metal materials, MDF board, solid wood, composite board plywood, ston ect.


3 cnc router metal engraving machine features:

1.3 servo motors by Japanese Yakasawa for the separate drive of the X-,Y and Z- axis

2.All guideways with special covers

3.Automatic lubrication of the machine

4.Built-in machine lamp/coolant equipment

5.Automatic tool changing system with 8 tools for optional

6.Tool change is performed automatically or by pushing a button(electro- pneumatic tool clamping device)

7.An electronic handwheel reduces the setting time to a minimum

8.Limit stop and reference switch of contactless type (no wear of contact in the long run)

9.Solid, precise cross table, largely dimensioned and precisely machined surface With T-slots (size14 mm)

10.Functional and easy-to-operate control made by Taiwan SYNTEC

11.User-friendly drilling and milling cycles with graphic display

4 cnc router metal engraving machine pictures:

5 cnc router metal engraving machine samples

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