JK-3030 Mini 3d Metal Cnc Router

JK-3030 Mini 3d Metal Cnc Router
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JK-3030 mini 3d metal cnc router

1 Machine Features 


JK-3030 mini 3d metal cnc router adopts new designed structure and high precision linear guide rails and ball screws.

This machine can work for engraving letter and designs on iron,copper,aluminum,steel,gold,etc.

Besides, it can also work on wood, plastic, stone ect.


2 Parameters 


Model :JK-3030
Machine body:Cast iron
Working area(XYZ axis) :300*300*150mm
Moving type:Table moving
X Y Z rail :PMI/HIWIN linear square guide rail
X Y Z transmission: High precision ball screw
Spindle: 1.5kw water cooling spindle
Spindle speed:24000rpm
Inverter: 1.5KW inverter
Motor :Stepper motor
Driver :Leadshine driver
Transformer :Yes
Lubrication: Yes
Max. speed:8m/min
Max. working speed :4m/min
Voltage: AC 220V/AC 380V 50HZ 
Collets:ER16 3.175-12.7mm
Repeat reposition accuracy: 0.01mm
Cover :X Y Z cover
Command:G code
Software Artcam/ Ucancam
Control system:NcStudio or DSP


Standard features:

1. Cooling system: Oil circulating oil cooler for spindle, cooling workpieces with water or oil in the tank or saponification liquid through or spray nozzle
2. Gantry structure:  On both sides of the column and beam are one to increase rigidity. Ensure the dimension accuracy of the highest and best surface quality and the largest cutting efficiency
3. Quality assurance: Each device before leaving the factory, we will test the cue with laser interferometer

4. DSP control system: from Richauto with high performance and competitive price

5. HIWIN linear guide: made from Taiwan,used for linear reciprocating stadium

6. Schneider Electronic System: from Germany



Processing material:  Steel, iron, copper, aluminum, plastic, organic glass, wood and other materials

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