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Big Vertical Stone CNC Router Machine For Sculpture Engraving Shipped To Vietnam

Jul 17, 2018

Big Vertical Stone CNC Router Machine for Sculpture engraving shipped to Vietnam

Parameters for Vertical Stone CNC Router Machine:

1. Maximum working size:

    Rotary diameter: 1800mm

    Rotary height: 2000mm

2. Maximum speed:

    Travelling speed: 15000mm/min

    Working speed: 5000mm/min

3. Machine structure:

    X-axis: gear&rack, Y-axis: double ball screws, Z-axis: ball screws

4. Motors & drivers:


5. Control system: 

    4Axis DSP

6. Cutting saw:

    Saw diameter: 500mm, motor power: 11kw

7. Spindle:

    6kw water cooled spindle motor