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How To Choose Tools For Stone Cnc Router?

May 14, 2019

Jinan Jiahe CNC Router now introduce to you engraving tools for stone cnc router

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1. Standard alloy tool angle Using high-performance alloy, double-edged design, standard angle, lettering, fine relief effect is good. Usually used for carving bluestone, marble! It can be custom made with a flat bottom flat ground knife 

2. Metallurgical melting knife diamond grinding Metallurgical melting knife diamond grinding, using military high-tech "Metallurgical melt diamond technology" manufacturing, with good sharpness, high efficiency engraving, blade deformation, carving high precision! Therefore, carved marble, bluestone, sandstone and other materials, often used as a tool of choice for high efficiency relief is also engraved characters weapon. 

3. Tri overall alloy knife Overall alloy triangular knife ultra super wear-resistant alloy particles. Wear resistance is much higher than other market triangular knife. Angle standard lettering effect! There Universal Grinder customers can use this knife. No Universal Grinder, and is not recommended. 

4. PCD polycrystalline diamond cutter Imported polycrystalline diamond blade, blade comparable domestic quality is far from cheap! Vacuum welding technology, do not damage the blade does not fall off; microscopic grinding technology makes the sharpness of the blade, the strength is optimized. Usually used for small print engraved granite. Hardness, high life expectancy and good engraving effect. When used, it should be noted flex pass, the knife can not be too much. 

5. sintered diamond grinding tool Sintered diamond grinding is generally used for granite milling bottom. Since the head of a multi-layer sintered diamond has a very high life! The disadvantage is that the sharpness is not high, the tip will be deformed. Therefore, carving marble, bluestone and other materials, in order for you to achieve higher outputs and carving effect, does not recommend the use of sintered knife. Do granite and other hard stone processing, in order to avoid the exorbitant costs of the tool, the choice of sintering grinding knife. 

6. rectangular diamond knife Usually made of granite engraved with small print or line engraving. The advantage is a higher life, the disadvantage is the relatively poor sharpness, engraving shallower depth. 

7. Ordinary Knife alloy tool Such stone carving tools using high-performance alloy, double-edged design, sharpness is good, cost-effective, easy manual regrinding. Disadvantages: This type of knife since the angle of non-standard (there is another tip at a large angle), not suitable for relief. Usually used for carving bluestone (Stone Carving sample display), marble, white marble sculpture.