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The Latest Fiber Laser Marking Machine Operation And Precautions

Sep 19, 2017
  1. Pay attention to safety, be careful not to bruise, do not be engraved in the laser hand burned. 2. engraved with the test before the first test to ensure that after the correct engraved products; in the engraving code, to carefully check, correct and then engraved to ensure foolproof. 3. Make sure that the printer is turned on and off, and you can not turn off the power and turn off the power directly. Generally: open the power → open → normal work → stop → turn off the power. 4. Open the engraving machine before removing the laser head protective cover, and in the open, the laser head below do not place things, to avoid being turned on the laser burned. 5. If the design is engraved, according to the above steps I, II, III, IV steps, if it is engraved has been completed engraved design, in determining the location and distance, can be directly engraved. 6. After the end of the use, turn off the computer, turn off the printer, cover the instrument.

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