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Three Process Cnc Wood Router JK-1325 Exported To Russia

Jul 07, 2018

Three process cnc wood router JK-1325 exported to Russia

Features of JK-1325 cnc wood router:

1) 3.0KW and 4.5kw air cooling spindles, which can be changed automatically with the commands from system.

2) Special processed thick steel pipe structure, well welded, high-precision, no distortion for whole structure and can be used for long life time.

3) Software: CAD/CAM designing software such as Original type3, Artcam pro.

4) Auto lubrication system, easy to operate.

5) Separated control system makes it easy to operate.

6) Stepper motors and the option of Yaskawa or Panasonic Servo motors and drivers, and two motors for Y axis.


Details of JK-1325 cnc wood router:


                                              3.5KW air cooled spindle motor*3pcs


                    Fuling VFD, Taiwan HIWIN guide rails, Electronic control cabinet

Package of JK-1325 cnc wood router: