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Tips For You To Choose A Suitable And Cost Performance Stone CNC Router

May 25, 2018

The basic information to choose one suitable model of stone cnc router as follows,

1. You work on flat stone or column stone? or both? We have 3axis stone cnc and rotary stone cnc router

2. If work on flat stone, what is the size of your stone? According to the size, we can recommend you the model. 

We have some standard models, for example, JK-6090, JK-9015, JK-1318, JK-1325, etc. 

3. If work on column stone, what is the maximum diameter of your column stone? Then we can know what is the size of rotary device need. We can customize the rotary stone cnc router as to your requirement. 

4. If your stone is very big and heavy, it will take long time to engrave. We recommend to add cutting system. First we can use cutting system to cut roughly and then use engraving tools to engrave precisely. 

5. If you need high quantity production, we recommend multi-head cnc router, including flat 3D stone cnc router and multi heads rotary stone cnc router. Then the machine can work several pieces of work at the same time. 

6. We also have vertical rotary stone cnc router