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Wood Engraving Machine Use Matters Needing Attention

May 25, 2018

1. After finishing the engraving position, all the X, Y, and Z axis work coordinates must be set to "0".
2. adjust the engraving speed and spindle motor speed, to prevent the engraving occurs when the speed is too fast, speed is too slow and broken knife.
3. automatic knife, pay attention to the knife block must be insulated with the engraving machine aluminum table.
4. When carving, if you are not sure about the first knife or you are afraid of mistakes, you can slow down the speed of the knife and feel that when the carving is normal, you can adjust the speed back to normal. You can also simulate the sculpture in the idle to see if it is normal.
5. If the woodworking engraving machine is not used for a long time, it should be idling regularly every week, preferably every week, to ensure the flexibility of the drive system.
6.  require woodworking engraving machine continuous running time is 10 hours / day or less; to ensure the clean water cooling and the pump's normal work, must not make water-cooled spindle motor water shortage phenomenon, regular replacement of cooling water to prevent the water temperature is too high, circulation Water as much as possible, you can change the large capacity tank.
7. Each time a woodworking engraving machine is used, attention should be paid to cleaning. The dust on the platform and drive system must be cleaned; and the three axes of the transmission system X, Y, and Z must be regularly lubricated and refueled.
8. The operator should wear a dust mask and protective glasses when operating the woodworking engraving machine to avoid intrusion of dust and other intrusion into the human body and cause discomfort.
9. Routine maintenance methods of woodworking engraving machines should be combined with certain dust-proof and dust-removing devices in the woodworking engraving machine, and the dust removal equipment should be used in combination.